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What should I do if I have more than one child at LRS?

You may either create a page for each child, join their class team, or create one page under both names and pick one team to join.

If you create separate pages for each child, you will need to use a unique email for each sign-up.

How do I get sponsorship for my child?

Once you have created your child’s page, you can spread the word by sharing a link to their page with all your families and friends via text, email, or your social media platforms.

Offline sponsorship can still be collected and dropped off at the school. Although it will not show on your child’s individual fundraising page, it will be added to the event total for dollars earned and logged into our donor database as sponsorship for your child.

How can I update people on how far my child has run/walked over the course of the month?

Once you have created your child’s fundraising page, you will see a section on the right of the page called “Fitness Activity” where you can choose to connect their page to the Strava fitness app and have it log miles for you or, even easier, you can select “Add data manually” and enter information on your daily run/walks.

Please do not start logging distances till April 1st.

I have family/friends colleagues that want to take part in the event, can they?

Anyone can sign up to participate in this event, so if you have friends/colleagues/family that would like to take part and gather sponsorship of their own, send them a link to this event page.

If I have questions about joining a team or setting up a fundraising page who should I ask?

If you have any questions or requests for assistance, please email our Director of Advancement, Sarah KwanSKwan@LongRidgeSchool.orgShe will be happy to help you.

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