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Nothing More and Everything Else

Nothing More and Everything Else

Marietta Morelli Beginners Teacher During a discussion pertaining to our theme of construction in The Long Ridge School Beginners classroom, one particular two-year-old student dictates his “instructions” for an “office building.” As a teacher in the company of visionaries, each day I am invited to journey towards possibility, an adventure in dreaming wide awake. A child makes wonderful sense of the world without … READ MORE

Building a 21st Century Student at The Long Ridge School

A Time Magazine cover story, “How to Build a Student for the 21st Century” identified four areas essential for students to become successful citizens in a globalized world: Thinking outside the box, becoming smarter about new sources of information, developing good people skills and knowing more about the world.  Although the discussion about 21st-century skills … READ MORE

What I Did in Math this Year

By Magnus Grade 5 This year I did math with Sasha, and my tutor, Debbie. We meet twice a week. The first new math we learned were sets, a combination of numbers, symbols, and objects inside brackets. In the beginning of the year, she started to teaching us Pre-Trigonometry. We plotted points that, if you … READ MORE

Science is delicious

By Anne Mengden, Science Teacher The Long Ridge School, Stamford, Connecticut Children in grades 4 and 5 are studying freshwater ecology with a focus on the Mianus River, which provides drinking water for 150,000 people in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. The children were learning about the water treatment process that converts raw … READ MORE

The gift of unstructured, innovative play

By Marietta Morelli, Beginners Teacher The Long Ridge School, Stamford, Connecticut I never imagined when I left my house for school this morning that shortly after arriving I’d find myself boarding a train bound for thrilling destinations. Yet, this is exactly what happened as I journeyed to storybook castles, bustling NYC streets, and sunny, picnic knolls………without ever setting foot outside … READ MORE

Why an interdisciplinary curriculum for early childhood and elementary students?

Why Interdisciplinary? By Kris Bria, Head of School The Long Ridge School, Stamford, Connecticut My first interdisciplinary course was as a sophomore in a college—It was an exciting revelation to me to study the relationship among the literature, music and art of early 20th century France! I loved the course in a way that no … READ MORE

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