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Community is at the center of The Long Ridge School.

From the moment you step onto our campus, you feel the warmth, rich diversity, and joy that distinguishes our school.  At the Long Ridge School, our faculty and parents work alongside each other to nurture and celebrate the successes and magic of childhood. We are a community of welcoming, passionate master teachers who understand the intellectual and emotional needs of early childhood, and partner with our parents to create the best, first educational experience possible. Our parents come from many backgrounds and cultures and form a supportive, active group that builds a warm, inclusive vibrant social life for children and families.

Here at the Long Ridge School you will find caring, involved, and down-to-earth parents who want their children to explore and enjoy the early years. Not anxious for LRS children to rush through this formative period, our community creates an environment where they can have the freedom and the support to be the very best version of themselves. We celebrate and welcome diversity in our community and promote a wide-variety of activities for our parents, from book clubs, parent coffees, dad’s and mom’s nights out, playgroups for younger siblings, volunteer opportunities, and even exercise classes. Families meet on our campus for play dates on the playground and in the library. In the winter our families come to campus on the weekends to sled. Please come visit and experience why our children know, “We are all friends here at Long Ridge”.

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