The Long Ridge School

Nothing More and Everything Else

By Kris Bria

Marietta Morelli
Beginners Teacher

During a discussion pertaining to our theme of construction in The Long Ridge School Beginners classroom, one particular two-year-old student dictates his “instructions” for an “office building.”

As a teacher in the company of visionaries, each day I am invited to journey towards possibility, an adventure in dreaming wide awake. A child makes wonderful sense of the world without omitting an ounce of delight.  Ultimately, at the moment of enthusiastic conclusions, their logic is irrefutable.

Later in the morning, we walk the grounds and hike up and down a concrete staircase to experience and marvel at, ascending and descending height.  Nothing more and everything else.

What to put in a big building?

Somebody to live there
A play area
A hassock for books
Owls because when it gets dark, owls come.
Tickets to pay
Heavy big- boy- daddy- books
Water to wash dishes
Tools to fix everything
Bags to buy things like magazines.
Paint to paint
Keys to open a door
A pond for ducks, frogs and yadoos.
Passers to stick things together with cement
Buttons to press on computers

Marietta Morelli has been teaching at The Long Ridge School in both the Beginners and Nursery classrooms for the past twelve years. She is the recent recipient of the Stepping Stones Museum “Playful Practices in Teaching” award.

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