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At The Long Ridge School, our elementary school studies are designed to provide a thematic link for all curricular areas. As children move across disciplines to connect and articulate a nuanced understanding of culture, time, place, and people, their brains work at the highest level of analysis, synthesis, and creativity. We are proud to foster a positive and encouraging environment where children learn and grow while exploring many different subjects and activities. We invite you to continue reading below to learn more about our elementary school curriculum.

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    Our mathematics program is intentionally designed so math becomes a second language for our students. Our Long Ridge teachers combine innovative techniques with traditional teaching methods to ensure that each child has a firm understanding of mathematics. Students explore and master measurement, computation, and geometric and logical relationships using a wide variety of materials to develop concepts and skills from spatial relations and patterns, to numeric expression and combination, and finally to pre-algebraic equations and symbolic reasoning.

    Weekly coding classes emphasize applied problem solving, creativity, and developmentally appropriate algorithmic and computational thinking skills. They also allow students to see math and programming not as rote or rule bound, but as a form of expression. Coding experiences are integrated into other subject areas as well.

  • Long Ridge School students are active listeners, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers, and skillful writers. The love of books and ability to communicate are integrated throughout our curriculum.

    Language Arts at Long Ridge simply put begins and ends with a love of words and expression.

    Children meet and read individually with their teachers, who carefully monitor each child’s reading progress. Students write daily to express their ideas, while acquiring grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.

  • Studying culture, time, place and people provides the thematic link for the curricular areas and helps children’s brains work at the highest levels of analysis, synthesis and creativity. A sampling of the thematic units includes:

    Grades K-1

    The kindergarteners and first graders study Art and Artists and Folk Tales and Fables from around the world, considering them from historical and current points of view, as well as from a math, science, language arts, visual art, and music perspective.

    Grades 2-3

    Second and third graders immerse themselves in the Medieval World and realize its history, geography, and government, but also its music, castle and cathedral architecture, monsters, heroes, and legends as gleaned from literature and art. Other units include the Story of Math and The Having of Wonderful Ideas.

    Grades 4-5

    Our oldest students study the life of America’s past bringing students close to pre-Colonial and Colonial Stamford, including its Native American heritage and the use and design of watermills on the Mianus River. Simultaneously they read period dramas depicting Colonial life, create a period hand-craft like a quilt, research clothing and food of the era and prepare a traditional Colonial feast. Students demonstrate and apply their understanding using multiple means of expression including political cartoons, debates, research reports, and computer programs.

    • Cloisters
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Long Island Sound
    • Boston overnight
    • Tenement Museum
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Please read the Long Ridge School Reopen Plan. Our Admissions team is still accepting Applications for select classes for the 2020-2021 school year.

Long Ridge School Reopen Plan 2020-2021

The Long Ridge School has reopened September 2020 for all students in K-5 attending five days a week with a full-day schedule, and Nursery students following their normal schedule.