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At The Long Ridge School, art plays a vital role in every child’s education. Art is a powerful tool with which to explore the world and contribute to other areas of learning. Through art, each student learns the power of imagination, the ability to problem solve creatively and the skills and techniques needed to speak in a visual language. Lessons are planned around students’ interests, classroom themes, art history, literature, music, and visual culture. A wide variety of media is explored throughout the school year. Learning aids such as illustrations, art books, group discussions, and field trip experiences help to enhance students’ understanding of art.

    • Increase aesthetic awareness of visual qualities in works of art, nature, and objects within the environment.
    • See the world metaphorically by responding to the world using a visual language unique to the visual arts.
    • Recognize design elements and see underlying structures: observe, describe, and begin to categorize specific details of design elements and principles.
    • Respond aesthetically to visual characteristics: compare and contrast ideas and feelings about the visual qualities in works of art.
    • Acquire artistic skills to express and communicate experiences.
    • Recognize importance of personal experiences and respect originality of own work and others.
    • Develop manipulative and organizational skills by using arts media effectively to translate ideas, feelings, and values.
  • Acquire knowledge of historical and cultural developments.

    • Study a variety of artworks of contemporary, historic and prehistoric cultures.
    • Understand that art reflects, records, and shapes history and plays a role in culture.
    • Clarify students’ own aesthetic values and learn to appreciate differences in the aesthetic values of others.
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