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The Total Solar Eclipse is Coming!

By Carissa Lewis

If you are still making plans for your summer vacation, perhaps you might plan your trip to catch this summer’s total solar eclipse! On August 21, 2017, parts of the United States will get to see a total solar eclipse for the first time in over 40 years, but you have to travel if you wish to see it!

A total eclipse is when the Sun is completely hidden by the Moon, the sky becomes dark, and the Sun’s faint atmosphere (corona) becomes visible—looking like a beautiful halo. This total eclipse will only be visible on a narrow track stretching across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. No other country will get to see the total eclipse this time.

Please refer to the attached observers guide to find the best viewing location and tips. It also includes guidance on how to view it safely and an explanation on how eclipses occur.

If you do happen to see the eclipse, we would love to hear your stories! Good luck!

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