The Long Ridge School

What I Did in Math this Year

By Kris Bria

By Magnus
Grade 5

This year I did math with Sasha, and my tutor, Debbie. We meet twice a week. The first new math we learned were sets, a combination of numbers, symbols, and objects inside brackets. In the beginning of the year, she started to teaching us Pre-Trigonometry. We plotted points that, if you did them correctly, you would get a picture. Some of the pictures were owls, mushrooms, and dinosaurs.  Debbie introduced us to a math website called  I like that website so much; I used it at home during my free time. In the beginning of 2013, I started learning about the distributive property from an online book called Algebra 1 on In April, I used the distributive property to solve equations.  Now I am doing equations with variables on both sides.  Debbie does a good job challenging us, but she also explains math very well.


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